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id love to get into more detail about me right now but i finally got around to updating this thing and its really fricken late and im tired so its hard to think, well im a decent dude looking to have fun with those around me, that pretty much sums me up i think
HighSchool: Minnewaska Area High School
College: Bemidji State University
Music: classic rock mostly but pretty much anything with a good beat
TV: NCIS, the twins, the vikes, thats all i watch tv for anymore
Books: the Hatchet, My side of the mountain, Sole survivor, the lord or the rings trilogy and the hobbit, i like adventure books i guess
Sports: any and all sports, yes even hockey, haha
Interests: anything outdoors or has to do with a sport, mostly ive been fishing lately and playing softball
Movies: troy, 300, shawshank redemtion, the usual suspects, snatch, fight club, any johnny depp flick, to name a few, im a movie buff but its hard to pick favorites
BestFeatures: hmmmm i think i have nice eyes but what do i know
Dreams: been a while since ive had dreams...i think my first dream was to be a wide reciever in the nfl, that didnt pan out so im aiming lower and just going for enjoying life and all it has to offer

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