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How much can you learn about a person with so little space and time? I would like to say that I am tall, dark and drop dead gorgeous but alas this is the internet where lies are told. So I stand before you and present you with the raw truth. Besides, isn't that what a relationship should be based on? I stand 6'0" tall, weighing 240 lbs. with dark brown hair , blue eyes and a closely trimmed beard. Well there you have it, the truth but what is in that type of description? If you are one of those that are looking for mere attraction then skip my ad and don't waste our time. However, if you want to learn about my loving side, a side that desires a passion so extreme and so sincere, a side unseen by many, but not by my choice of course. I am a romantic at heart. I live for the soft gentle kisses of woman on my forehead and the loving embrace while watching a tearjerker movie (with a three-hanky rating. I live for the silent walks together down the beach and the holding hands while walking through the park. Does it even exist anymore or has everyone turned to superficial sex and head games? I want more, I deserve more and so do you if you have continued to read this far. Intrigued? Curious to know more? I can assure you that I am not perfect, is anyone? I am human with a human heart over flowing with a lifetime of love and utter devotion, waiting to give to that special woman who reaches out her hand to accept. Respond and let's at least begin a friendship, the start to a beautiful relationship. I have been told that I'm intelligent, funny, charming, witty, romantic and a good cook but I hope that you will want to find out for yourself. Also, please know that my facial hair is completely optional.

What I am looking for

I'm looking for someone who accepts me as I am while supporting me to reach ever higher. Someone who is intellectual, kind, generous. witty, very romantic, loves my attention and loves to give it in return. Someone who likes to play and also lives for those quiet times. Those intimate moments when two souls come together to bask in the light of each other. Someone who is looking for true love and not just game playing. In short: My soul mate and other half to compliment my life and make both of us complete